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                       Beautiful Madrid 2018-05-14


Madrid, lovely Madrid. From this moment my favourite city in Spain. For a few days we got the chance to experience Casa Patas with real flamenco, Radio Rooftop of Mélia, Mélia Serrano and Duques. 
Madrid has a lot to offer and I love the real edgy, bubbling atmosphere of the city, this is the real Spain!

The MICE-sector are very well developed, many hotels and all of them with good standard. There is some nice Boutique-hotel products, one real pearl is the Radio Rooftop. Well worth a visit!
We have been eating tapas, dancing flamenco, visited many great sites and also learnt how to use castagnettes to the beats of drums from local musicians. 

Writing this we actually have one really exciting assignment for Madrid. 
I'll tell you more later.


Duques.                                              Sabina overlooking the view from Mélia Serrano.              Real flamenco.

Text & Foto: SC

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