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Julia Hansen
Account Manager 
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is the power


Who we are

We are an Event & Concept bureau, based in north of Sweden. We are a small team of open-minded, like-minded and event-minded people, we love the process of the production, we are creative and most of all we dare to challenge! We dare to challenge the traditional concepts and we dare to find new ways. Our core values is energy, playfulness and heart in our productions. We love crazy ideas and to break against what is predictable. 

We have a great experience of 12 fantastic years within the MICE-business, we’re passionate about our job and have organized different events and trips in Sweden, Finland, Norway, southern Europe and also Canada. We take care of all meeting- & event management, budget and evaluation of the event. We also offer a wide range of services for the implementation itself, ranging from preparation, registration and content, up to a total solution for meeting logistics.

Please feel free to drop in to our office for a cup o coffee! And if you're a bit to far away we definitely should meet up at Skype for a chat!

What we do


We'd rather not divide our business in to "labels", we find that way of thinking quite boring. But to make it easy we can say that we offer 4 different services in our company. It is Event Production, Concept Development, Incentive- & Business Trips and also Consultation within the MICE-industry. 

       vent production is our main business, we work with ideas and coordination, design and administration, suppliers and logistics solutions, and always with the creative, social and economic aspect as the base throughout the process. 

       oncept Development is a new offering that we have begun to offer our customers, we present the purpose, sell the idea and then we produce. The target group can be different audiences, perhaps an event for the public locally or perhaps the target group is international MICE buyers based in southern europe, the imagination sets the limits, the imagination is our tool and the imagination is also the power!


     ncentive- & Business Trips, this one is easy. Here we act as an traditional travel agency and we book and organize theme trips, FAM-trips, incentive trips and business trips. We like to work with great visions and high ambitions, that's why we often try to involve something different, something extra in the format. Can we help you? Let us know!


       onsultation, here we work with sales- and marketing assignments. We work close to the client's business and give support where the client feels that our expertise is needed. That might be providing creative input into the marketing plan or to help develop the business's sales strategy. We focus mainly at the MICE-industry, and our focus area is sales and marketing. 

We work both single assignments as well as long term agreements. 





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Sabina Consulting AB. Boviksbadet 321, 930 99 Skellefteå, SWEDEN

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